Erdem Tepegoz - Director

Erdem Tepegöz
was born in 1982 Graduated from Dokuz Eylul University, Department of Economics. He studied film directing in Prag Film School. He travelled all around the world for making documentaries. His debut film 'Zerre' (THE PARTICLE) won 23 awards including Best Film Golden St. George at the 35th Moscow IFF and was screened in 30 countries. The director received many praises from cinema critics on his social realist cinema approach. 'Gölgeler Içinde' (IN THE SHADOWS) is his second award winning feature film. He shot global Netflix Movie with the named 'Kül' (ASHES). He is now in the scriptwriting process for his 3rd movie called 'Çığ' (AVALANCHE). He is about to recieve his master degree in the field of anthropology.